AppRegistry #

AppRegistry is the JS entry point to running all React Native apps. App root components should register themselves with AppRegistry.registerComponent, then the native system can load the bundle for the app and then actually run the app when it's ready by invoking AppRegistry.runApplication.

To "stop" an application when a view should be destroyed, call AppRegistry.unmountApplicationComponentAtRootTag with the tag that was pass into runApplication. These should always be used as a pair.

AppRegistry should be required early in the require sequence to make sure the JS execution environment is setup before other modules are required.

Methods #

static registerConfig(config) #

static registerComponent(appKey, getComponentFunc) #

static registerRunnable(appKey, func) #

static getAppKeys(0) #

static runApplication(appKey, appParameters) #

static unmountApplicationComponentAtRootTag(rootTag) #

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